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Of personal information
About the handling

We pray for agreement to privacy policy and make up.

Personal information
Personal information is information about user individual and says thing which can distinguish user individual by full name included in the information concerned, description of the e-mail address others.
In addition, when we cannot tell only in the information, we can collate with other information easily, and, as a result, thing which can distinguish user individual is thereby included in personal information.
Mynavi privacy policy

Personal information protection manager
Management general manager

Use purpose of personal information
We use personal information (including thing corresponding to personal information among other contents which had you fill out) of full name, e-mail address of customer who had in the case of inquiry in the objective range called correspondence to opinion, request, inquiry.

About result to occur when we do not offer personal information
In the case of inquiry, offer of personal information is based on option of customer. In addition, we may not correspond to inquiry contents when we cannot confirm necessary personal information.

About disclosure of personal information
Please inform of disclosure, deletion of personal information that had you provide in this matter at the following.
JOL editorial department

About person confirmation
In us, we confirm that it is the person by information (full name, phone number, the position name, e-mail address) that can distinguish individual including case to meet a demand of disclosure, deletion of personal information.

Disclosure to third party of personal information
About personal information of user, we do not do that we disclose to third party unless we fix for use purpose in principle. We disclose after having identified offer, offer information contents only when with consent of user. But the following cases may disclose personal information of user without agreement of user as far as they are not against laws and ordinances concerned.
(1) When we judge that user gives disadvantage to third party.
(2) When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult for to with consent of the person.
(3) When it is necessary for promotion of sanitary improvement or healthy upbringing of child in particular, and it is difficult that with consent of user.
(4) When it is necessary to cooperate for person who received engine of country or local public entity or the trust accomplishing office work that laws and ordinances establish and might affect accomplishment of the office work concerned by obtaining user's consent.
(5) When disclosure about personal information is demanded from court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the police, bar association, consumers center or organization having authority that followed these.
(6) When disclosure to third party or offer is demanded from user explicitly.
(7) When disclosure or offer is permitted by laws and ordinances.
(8) When we judge us to be necessary reasonably to offer service to other users.

Range of third party
Person receiving offer of personal information in the following cases decides not to correspond to third party.
(1) When we entrust with all or part of privacy policy in the range necessary for the achievement of use purpose.
(2) When personal information is offered with succession of business by our merger or other reasons.

Sensitive information
As a general rule, in us, we do not perform collection of personal information including contents to show next. When datashi user oneself provides, we consider that there was agreement of the person.
(1) Thought, creed and matter about religion.
(2) Race, race, family status, permanent address (except information about the location metropolis and districts), body, mental disorder, criminal record, matter causing other social discrimination.
(3) Matter about the right of organization, group negotiations of worker and others group action.
(4) Matter about act of participation in group demonstration act, the use of right of petition and other groups action.
(5) Health medical care and sex life.

Immunity from responsibility
As for the following cases, we take no responsibility about the acquisition of personal information by third party.
(1) When user oneself clarifies personal information using function of dream * station JOL (following book site) or different means in specific company.
(2) When, by activity information of user or information that other users input into this site, the person has been able to identify unexpectedly.
(3) When, in outside site linked to from this site, personal information is offered by user, and it is used again.
(4) When non-user obtains information that can distinguish user individual without depending on our fault.
About outside trust
We may entrust with all or part of privacy policy outside. When we entrust, we choose trust with the proviso that we secure enough personal information protection standards and perform after having made a contract about confidentiality. In addition, we perform necessary and appropriate supervision about management in trust concerned.

About outside trust
We may entrust with all or part of privacy policy outside. When we entrust, we choose trust with the proviso that we secure enough personal information protection standards and perform after having made a contract about confidentiality. In addition, we perform necessary and appropriate supervision about management in trust concerned.

The use such as statistics information
We make the machined use situation and statistics data based on offered personal information not to be able to identify individual and decide to be able to use without any limitation about the information concerned. In addition, it is decided that copyright of this case belongs to us.

About cookies and link
Our service may provide more useful service by having cookies of Web browser remain in effect. Cookies are functions to exchange information such as user info or access history with Web browser between Web servers. The use of cookies continues being high in convenience and may be unfavorable from the viewpoint of privacy protection. Therefore, please use cookies within the responsibility of user you appropriately. In addition, our service includes link to outside website, but recommends that each privacy policy is read on the use of site of each link as we cannot take responsibility about privacy policy in linked website.

About management of personal information
We act as us for danger such as loss, destruction, manipulation, leak of unfair access to personal information or personal information to take necessary safety measures continuously in technical aspect and organization side. In addition, we observe laws and ordinances about protection of personal information, industry model, custom, public order and morals.

Privacy policy change
We review mention content continuously about this site and try for the improvement. We may switch to user without notice on this occasion.

Please transmit by email to following address about inquiry about other personal information. We would like about contents of inquiry concretely if possible.

※Mynavi is authorized as "privacy mark" licensing company.