JOL Harajuku?

Dream * suteshonjoru Harajuku

Commercial complex "sorado Takeshita Street" the second floor that represents Harajuku

Entertainment food court where the teens gather

It was not "product" "shop" in commercial facilities and thought that "contents" to gather people "COMMUNITY" was necessary and set ""dream live" in "dream * station" - next generation with support spot ..." in floor concept.
We installed "place of learning" to support next-generation "discovery and realization of dream" to be the future in Japan well "place of announcement" in "Harajuku" that attracted attention from the world. Youth holds curiosity for the future by fixing environment that can challenge floor of new style that let food court fuse with entertainment towards dream and aim by oneself, and the floor aims at it being sacred place "of" dream that forward youths gather.

JOL Harajuku foods zone

JOL Harajuku entertainment zone

They are comprised in 2 zones of "foods zone" and "entertainment zone", and table and chair become movable style that there is depending on the situation.
In "foods zone," we provide attractive foods for visitors including "Pearl Lady" (pearl lady) which is famous for tapioca drink and the Japanese-style fast food "bakudan grill main office".
In addition, "entertainment zone" can perform live event and PR event, audition, talk show. 120 inches of screen is installed in stage, and sound, lighting setup is established, too, and event is carried out almost every day.
Interior design puts coloring that seems to be Harajuku that assumed "lovely" concept for teenage girl who is core range of visitors.