Facility information

Entertainment food court where the teens of Harajuku, Takeshita Street gather

In opening-like space that is 130 seats, foods & cafes which are full of variety assemble in full force. On stage to be able to look at while eating, we hold live and talk event day after day. After having finished eating, attempt attendant of make rectification and the latest cosmetics, charge of carrying are possible in beauty space, too!
"Entertainment food court" where was clogged up with teenage throb wakuwaku

JOL Harajuku floor map


We hold talk event and PR event, live, various events including audition at any time! Does that longed-for person appear?


Member-limited space that can register free. A lot of things that are nice for girl when curling irons and the latest cosmetics are available when we become member and get sample product! Fitting room which can check whole body is fully equipped!

Foods & cafeFOODCAFE

A lot of foods & cafes that topic is delicious in Harajuku including "sticky potato" if slight change of mind combs "tapioca drink" for break "bakudan grill" and "kebab" becoming full as meal relievedly in breath!

[please be careful]

  • ※It declines food and drink which he/she purchased any place other than our facility firmly to eat and drink at seat.
  • ※Please refrain from securing of seat without eating and drinking.
  • ※When we are crowded, the use of seats more than two hours may have you decline.
  • ※I decline invitation acts such as talent scout or pickup in our facility firmly.
  • ※Person in charge who does not obey instructions has you leave forcibly in our facility and may decline entrance.
  • ※Please manage baggage in customers respectively. Accident theft that occurred in facility does not take responsibility at all.
  • ※Other customers performing act troubling has you leave forcibly and may decline entrance.
  • ※I decline distribution notice of all flyer without application and other articles in our facility.
  • ※I decline business act and event holding without application in our facility.